Friday, November 6, 2009

What a GREAT day!!

So, Lafe and I BOTH received great news today!! Lafe passed the OGET (which I wasn't worried about at all!) and that is one less than to stress about. I'm so proud of him! He will take two OSAT (subject area tests) on November 14th and seriously has been studying more than I ever would...even in college! He will do just fine on those as well! Like I said...I'm very proud of him for all of his obedience and hard work.

My principal told me she needed to talk to me right before my lunch was over. At first I was nervous... what kid did what? is there a parent that is upset about something? what's wrong? .... she started off by saying that she didn't know how to tell me this so she was just going to come out and say it... a parent scheduled a meeting with her this morning. They discussed that the school's fund raiser earned enough money to purchase projectors and surround sound for each teacher at our site. Then the discussion moved to an interactive white board (AND SO MUCH MORE) called a SMARTBoard. They are about $1400-$1500. They discussed what was needed to order one and how to go about it and then............

the parent took out their checkbook, wrote a check and said to purchase one FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be getting a SMARTBoard for my classroom in less than 6 weeks!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing this will be AND a huge instrument in the education of my kiddos! We're going to do so much with that thing!!!!!!!

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