Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kade's First Birthday Party

Birthday party boy... strolling along in the walker outside...before we brought the party inside due to the wind!
Kade's football cake...

My mom made the cakes for his party! THANKS SO MUCH, MOM!!

I frosted cupcakes and arranged them into a 1... my best efforts!

Opening gifts... he didn't know what all the craziness was about!

Oh... I can get the tissue paper out, Mom...does that help??

Yea!! Paper!!!

Kade did not know what to think about the people singing loudly in the kitchen... that or the fire that was in front of him!

What a sweet boy... didn't cry or fuss... unless someone was trying to take a new toy... he was very appreciative of new toys!

Looked at the flame of the candle...but did not understand to blow it out...

Mom shoving cake in his mouth... poor kid... he really didn't know what to do.

But... when Michalea (my cousin's daughter) gave him's good!

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