Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Few more pictures...

This is Kade's new toy from Nana... it is a glow sea horse that plays music... he just stares and stares at it... THANKS NANA!

This is my Aunt Dee. She helped Lafe and I through the pregnancy with our birthing classes and was there the entire time the day Kade was born. She's a very special person to me and us!

This is one picture from my grandma's house... not enough room for us all to sit so many were on the floor. Chelsea is opening her gift...which is black... which is "her color"! :)

Lafe is keeping Kade all swaddled up... and looks like they both need a nap! Poor Daddy!

Russ, Chlesea, and Miss Gracie...opening gifts!

Kade is sleeping in our bed at Lafe's parents' house... he likes to snuggle!

Lafe's sister and her family...opening gifts!

Lafe, Kade and I ... just hanging out at dinner one day. Love both of those boys so much!

Christmas time!

Sorry these are so late, however, it has been a busy season! We left Christmas Eve night and traveled 2 hours to Lafe's parents' house...spent two nights there, then left Friday morning around 930 only to quickly unpack and get the other things needed for my side of the family. We went to Russ' house and spent the rest of the day there. We came back to our house with my parents, then got up the next morning to take family pictures (minus my older brother and his family who couldn't make it), and then traveled to my grandma's house. There were 30 of us there! The only ones missing were my older brother's family... it wasn't too bad because a lot of them were little! Here are a few highligh pictures... you can check my facebook for more.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Life of Luxury!

Kade again was sleeping so very well on the pillow that I layed him in the green chair of ours and let him sleep there for a while. Poor kid has it so rough! :)

First time in Shoes!

Wednesday, Kade wore his shoes for the first time! He looked so cute! They were a little big, but he will grow into them quite soon enough I think. I especially liked what he wore to church that night, too!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are we spoiled or just comfy!?

So, today Kade was sleeping so well on this pillow I use to help feed and rest my arm when I'm holding him that I decided to just put it down in the bassinet for him to sleep on and not disturb him.... he slept awesome! Am I spoiling?? Or is he just really comfy?! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can get out of this!!!

So.... babies like to be reminds them of the womb. Thanks to Sarah we have this wonderful blanket that helps to swaddle. It even velcros so that it holds better. Well, Sarah bought us one made of fleece and Kade was getting very hot in it so we bought one made of just cotton. Well, I used it while Kade was napping and he doesn't like his arms to be a certain way and he wiggled right out of it! He is strong... but wow!! Lafe calls the swaddle blanket Kade's straight jacket.

sitting with my daddy and puppy dog!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rough Evening... GREAT night!

So last night was very rough. Kade has had his nights and days mixed up and we needed to help him figure them out. (We will probably have to help again tonight.) He was very sleepy yet he did such a GREAT job! We used Nana's blanket to help us play on the floor. We had to undress him to his diaper, put lotion on, wipe his body down with a cool wash cloth and then just let him cry it out a little. All that just so he could have a good night's sleep (according to us!). So, after we could bare it no longer... at 8:30 I fed him and dressed him, swaddled him up nice and tight... and Kade slept until 12:15... woke up for a bottle, then right back to sleep until 5:30... then right back asleep until 9:30! It was amazing!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Napping and First Book...

So Kade doesn't really like his sleep positioner... he likes the bassinet to be filled with either my pink and gray blanket or his sports blanket made of fleece and VERY comfy... I guess it is one way to nap! :) Also.... I read his first book to him. He didn't really pay that much attention or show much interest, however, we have to start early! Reading is important! (Poor kid has a teacher for a momma!)

Lunch Date with Uncle Russ, Aunt Chelsea and Gracie

Today we met Uncle Russ, Aunt Chelsea and Gracie for lunch. We swapped kids for a little bit... Chelsea fed Kade while I rocked Gracie to sleep! It was a fun time! We look forward to many more "lunch or play dates"!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Today ... Kade is officially one week old at 5:07 pm. He was 20 inches long... weighed 7 pounds and 6 oz... although he has lost some weight since then We went to the doctor last Friday and he was 6 lbs 13 oz then... we will see what the doctor says this Thursday. Here he is sleeping the afternoon away... which probably means he and I will be in the recliner again tonight trying to play instead of sleep. Love him so very much!

Again.... pictures in a random order... Kade and I were reunited... and I was VERY drugged up. I don't remember it very well. He loves to be snuggled up with his daddy... and then we have had lots of visitors come show their love!

These were put in the wrong order but Kade is getting ready to eat again and I'm not going to change them around. This was my last picture of having Baby Kade on the inside. Then as you will see.... we had to have a C-section due to lots of reasons... and there is Lafe getting ready to meet his son, sitting by myside reassuring me, and then a few pictures of Baby Kade letting us know just how great his lungs are! Believe me.... they are GREAT!!!