Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Few more pictures...

This is Kade's new toy from Nana... it is a glow sea horse that plays music... he just stares and stares at it... THANKS NANA!

This is my Aunt Dee. She helped Lafe and I through the pregnancy with our birthing classes and was there the entire time the day Kade was born. She's a very special person to me and us!

This is one picture from my grandma's house... not enough room for us all to sit so many were on the floor. Chelsea is opening her gift...which is black... which is "her color"! :)

Lafe is keeping Kade all swaddled up... and looks like they both need a nap! Poor Daddy!

Russ, Chlesea, and Miss Gracie...opening gifts!

Kade is sleeping in our bed at Lafe's parents' house... he likes to snuggle!

Lafe's sister and her family...opening gifts!

Lafe, Kade and I ... just hanging out at dinner one day. Love both of those boys so much!

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Amberly said...

Great pictures!! Ben has the same horse he still sleeps with it at night.