Saturday, April 17, 2010


I know that most children walk a long time before this age, however, Kade has always been one to do it on his time and not the doctor's or mine. Teaching me more and more about the Lord, too. I have learned to rest in the fact that he will do things on his time and not be worried about it. So, last night, Kade and I were home while Lafe was working. I decided to put him out in the middle of the floor standing and ask him to come to me. He did! First with one step. Again with two, then three... then we had to play with something. We did that over and over. This morning.... well, by the video you can see... he just took off! That is exactly what he did when he crawled...he didn't do it until he knew he could do it well and at his speed. How fun!! Now, I know we're in trouble!

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