Sunday, January 31, 2010


Kade does things on his time...not ours or the doctors or the books. I like that about him so much. However, sometimes he has been hard to wait on his time. With Lafe and I pushing hard for him to start walking though the use of walkers, toys that you walk behind, standing with him and moving his feet... Kade really did not have any interest in learning what we wanted to teach him. Until the past couple of days... Lafe showed him how to walk by holding onto his fingers and he really enjoys it! Kade will crawl up to one of us and pull on our fingers wanting to practice walking! I love it! It is really neat that the Lord has been using Kade in our lives to remind us that no matter how much we ask, pray, or try to make things happen... it is God's timing for our lives. Really cool how a 13 (14 month old tomorrow!) can be used of the Lord already!!

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Dara Steward said...

I just want to say that Evan did not walk until after his 14 month mark either... no worries. Probably just a cautious firstborn. Once he knows he can, he will never look back! And get ready mommy!

Love you guys and your sweet family! Thank you for sharing your hearts and your precious baby boy. What a treasure!