Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a weekend...

So this truly will be an update with lots of details. Thursday I picked up Kade from his babysitter's to find out that he threw up at 2:30. I had to work McTeacher night for our school from 5-6 so Lafe and Kade stayed home to hang out. I came home to find out that he had thrown up again... he was in his bed, I picked him up and he threw up again! He did this 4 more times before 9 pm. It scared me to death! AND he just cried during it and I just cried with him. After deciding that the ER would just have more germs we just waiting on our on-call doctor to call us back. They finally did and we concluded it was a virus and to give him Pedialyte for 8 hours and then formula. He and I slept in our bed if you call it sleep. I was up giving him 1-4 teaspoons every hour to hour and a half. He stopped throwing up, took the pedialyte and started to get better. However, I took off Friday (even though I didn't have anymore days...they will take the money for my sub out of my paycheck) to help getting the house cleaned up. THEN Friday night, MY stomach started to hurt. I made it through the night. I started throwing up Saturday morning and did all day long. I was so thankful that Lafe's mom and dad had come over Friday night to help Lafe take care of Kade and me. It was hard to hear Kade whine and be away from him, however, I knew that he was just fine and I could rest. I remembed that I had some medicine from the hospital that had nausea medicine in I tried to take it... not good the first time. It ended up in the toliet but 4 hours later it stayed down. I went to bed at 8:30 and felt much better this morning. Kade and I rested at home today, trying to get 100% before the work week begins. ENOUGH ABOUT ME...

Friday after work, they had a short staff meeting to announce my principal's retirement. I don't know how to handle it. Next year will be very different and I really hope our assistant principal gets the job. She will be awesome.

Also... I got some AMAZING news from one of my best friends. I can't share any details, but I am blessed by her and I know that the people she will be around will be also! I am excited for this next part of her journey! God is so good!

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chrisanna said...

Hi Kari,
I am so sorry to hear about Kade having a virus. Zoe just got over that a few weeks ago. She was throwing up nonstop as well. Her dr. called out phenergan gel to rub on her wrist and it stopped the throwing up within minutes and she slept too.