Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forever in my memory...

Today was such a sweet day. We went to church and came home to nap. Lafe was tired, Kade was tired, and I was tired. So... all three of us climbed into our bed to nap, which we had never done before. Kade usually rocks and is held until he is mostly asleep and then put in his bed. It was such a sweet moment for our little family. Lafe and I just talked quietly while our precious little boy fell asleep. He was so content in between us and fully knowing that he was completely safe and could rest well. I fell asleep and Lafe couldn't nap so he went in the living room and let us rest... let us rest for almost 2 hours! Kade usually sleeps for about an hour and I believe that he was just really relaxed and happy to be next to us. I will forever have today in my memory. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings that you give to us.

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