Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We went over to Russ, Chelsea and Gracie's house the other night so Russ and Lafe could work on my car. Chelsea, Gracie, Kade and I got to hang out while they did that! I snapped a few pictures... look at that precious baby girl! Love her! Also, Kade used her swing and loved it! He fell alseep so quickly! We were talking about it at church this past Sunday morning and my friend, Natalie (valerie knows her!ha!) let us borrow theirs! We are very close to heaven!


Jenn said...

The swing is a miracle worker!!! It was the ONLY place Clayton would sleep when she was sooo sick!!! It was her favorite...He is precious, Kari!

Mel said...

Yea for a swing! He is already changing so much! That Gracie is sweet too.