Sunday, October 5, 2008

7 weeks to go

So, today I finally set up this blog. Reasons why... lots of people have them, I keep up with other peoples, and my mom wanted one for when Kade is born! :) I don't know how good at it I will be, so please do not get upset if it isn't done right away.

All this to say... 7 more weeks (or less hopefully) and our little Kade Samuel should be here!

My best friends blessed Lafe and I this weekend with a shower of too many wonderful gifts and such sweet times! They are truly amazing women. I love them dearly. Lafe and I need to finish up Kade's room, get 4-5 more items that are necessary, clean house and relax before this bundle gets here. I also need to finish up planning for my long term substitute.

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